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so i'm not my biggest fan.
no one ever said i had to be.

i wish i had spent this whole year going out and doing things.
everyone knows i put my life on hold for the first half of it.
that was a mistake.
not that i would take it back.
i would never take anything in my life back.
it makes me who i am today.

the tricky part is...i don't really like who i am now.
i'm not the person that i want to be.
not even close.
i'm not sure how to get to be that person, though.
definitely not by sitting on livejournal and writing about not liking myself, haha.

oh...and on a slightly different note...
...everytime jt sees him he goes 'marvan!'.

i don't find that to be amusing.
at all.

whateva, yo. i gotta go live life.
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